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Video Game Parties

Video Gaming Party BusVideo Games are more popular than ever, rivaling even the Hollywood machine in terms of dollars produced annually.  Video game launches are now red carpet events and major celebrities participate in both motion capture, likenesses and voice acting.   As a result the event of video game parties have become mainstream.  One of the newest party choices for birthdays or really any get-together occasion is the Video Game Party.  Video Game Party Bus Rentals are a common choice for many parties these days.  Often times the bus simply arrives at the location where the party is held and party-goers enter the bus and play on multiple console systems.

Gaming Party Buses features all the big names titles you would expect for multi-player gaming events.  Rock Band 3, Halo Reach , Medal of Honor, Call of Duty Black Ops, Super Smash Bros Melee and many Wii Party Games.  Bring your own games to if you want.  This is fun for kids, teens, adults; even grandma and can get in on the fun especially with today’s family Game Party Busfriendly consoles.  Game Party Buses often have multiple system setup on several screens so that everyone can get in on the action.

Party Bus Rentals are great for all sorts of occasion, not just Gaming Party Bus services! Party Bus Rentals are affordable, spacious, and great for special occasions like birthday parties or bachelorette parties. If you would like more information about a party limo bus in your area please contact Party Bus Rentals Co or visit our directory for Party Bus rental companies in your area. Thank you for visiting Party Bus Rentals Co.